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When your life overwhelms you with seemingly unending debt, the debt collectors call from morning til night, the IRS levies your paycheck, you’ve been served with foreclosure papers on your house, your car is about to be repossessed, you’re behind on your child support…


 When your marriage is falling apart, your former spouse won’t let you see your children, you need an increase/decrease in child support, you’ve been served with divorce papers, your new husband wants to adopt your children…

YOU want an experienced attorney who will listen to YOU, who will explain YOUR options to YOU, who will help YOU choose the path which will take YOU where YOU want be.  YOU want an experienced attorney who is committed to Providing Superior, Personalized Service to Each and Every Client.

You want Janne Berry Osborne,

an Orangeburg attorney

with more than 25 years of experience

who handles ONLY



Janne Berry Osborne Bankruptcy & Domestic Relations AttorneyJanne Berry Osborne, whose practice is restricted to BANKRUPTCY and DOMESTIC RELATIONS, was born and raised in California.  I was educated in the public schools in Palo Alto, CA, and attended the University of California at Berkeley.  I obtained my Juris Doctor (law degree) from the University of South Carolina, School of Law, in 1986.

The BANKRUPTCY part of my practice enables me to assist people whose debts are so large that they are unable to pay the debts.  One of the most common situations is when a person is in danger of losing their home in a foreclosure or claim and delivery action.  By filing a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, that individual can save their home and be able to consolidate and pay their debts.  In other cases, people have lost their jobs due to illness and are unable to pay the overwhelming medical bills or have incurred large credit card debt while they were unemployed.  There are provisions of the bankruptcy code which can help people in these situations.

The DOMESTIC RELATIONS part of my practice concerns divorce, orders of separate maintenance and support (“legal separations”), child support, custody and visitation.  I represent both men and women and I have represented grandparents and children in the Family Court.  Although the majority of my cases are in Orangeburg County, I frequently appear in Calhoun and Bamberg Counties, as well as Aiken, Barnwell, Charleston, Colleton, Dorchester, Lexington and Richland Counties.

I came to Orangeburg when I began working for Palmetto Legal Services in March 1987.  I remained with Palmetto Legal Services until the end of 1989 and went into private practice in January 1990.  I opened my own law firm in July 1990 and have maintained my own firm since that time.

I moved to Orangeburg from Columbia in 1989, and have lived in Orangeburg continuously since that time, except for fifteen (15) months spent in Anchorage, AK.  I have been active in the Orangeburg Democratic Party and served on the Board of Directors for the Family Health Center, Inc.  I am married to Edward Braun and have two (2) daughters, one (1) son and two (2) granddaughters.  In addition, I share my life, home and office with a tyrannical 3½ lb. Teacup Poodle named Coco Chanel and three (3) cats: an orange tabby housecat named Jasper (a/k/a “Jasperator the Exasperator”) and an orange tabby named Marmelade and a gray tabby named Stinkerpie who are referred to as the “Snake Wranglers” because their job is to keep the backyard free of the snakes that are so common at homes on riverbanks.