Custody Q & A — What Rights Do I Have After Signing Temporary Custody?

by Janne Berry Osborne on November 18, 2012

in Child Custody, Domestic Relations

This is a Child Custody-Domestic Relations question that I answered on about a year ago.

“What rights do I have after signing temporary custody?  My parents have had temporary custody of my daughter for a year and I have tried to get them to let me have non-supervised visitation, but they never allow it.  However, my daughter’s father is allowed non-supervised weekend stays wherever he chooses.  What rights do I have to get non-supervised visitation so my daughter can stay with me.  Supervised visitation was always at my mother’s house when she said I could come.


Without knowing why your parents got temporary custody in the first place, it is hard to tell you what you would need to do to get unsupervised visitation. If there was a specific reason or your lifestyle, you would have to show that whatever the reason was has been taken care of and will not be a problem or you have made changes in your lifestyle that show the Court that you are a better person.

It is always difficult when it is your mother who decides if you can see your child. You should see if you can find an attorney who will work with you to devise a plan to reunite you and your child.

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