Divorce Q & A — Can I Marry My Boyfriend After His Divorce on the Grounds of One Year Separation?

by Janne Berry Osborne on November 17, 2012

in Divorce, Domestic Relations, Remarriage

This is a Domestic Relations-Divorce-Remarriage question that I answered on Avvo.com on 11/17/12.

“Can I marry my boyfriend after a divorce on the grounds of one year separation?  My boyfriend got divorced last month and it was on the grounds of a one year separation…can we get married now?”


Once the final hearing has been held in your boyfriend’s divorce proceeding AND your boyfriend has received the Final Decree of Divorce (it may be called a “Final Order”, “Divorce Decree” or some other similar title) showing that it has been signed by the judge, filed with the Clerk of Court and clocked in to the Clerk’s Office, then you and he are free to marry. The Final Decree will usually be sent to your boyfriend by his attorney, if he had one; by his ex-wife’s attorney if she had one and he did not; or, by the Clerk of Court’s office.

If you are unsure if everything has been finalized, I suggest your boyfriend call his attorney or go to the Clerk’s office and ask to look at the file to see if everything has been completed.

Once you and your boyfriend are satisfied that his prior marriage has been completely and properly ended, then you are free to obtain your Marriage License. Best of luck to both of you.

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